Madeleine Harmath

Saving Grace Healing Services provides remote Reiki healing services worldwide.

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Daily Energetic Clearing

Wake up to each day "Energetically Clean and Clear" with a boost of
well-being and the support of the Divine!

Benefits of this service

Inviting the Divine to help you manifest a future that is yours by Divine right
and be the best version of yourself every day!

Removal of Dark Forces from Across All Space and Time

  • Vows and curses you created for yourself and those others inflicted upon you
  • Disincarnate Spirits (Ghosts), entities, implants, energetically attached to you
  • Negative emotional baggage you are ready to release
  • Energies of manipulation, interference, influence and distraction

Clear and Balance your Energetic System

  • Ground your being to Earth
  • Cut and Clear all cords, patterns, programs and attachments
  • Disentangle your field from the field of others
  • Clear and Optimize your chakras, sub-chakras, etheric and auric fields
  • Strengthen your connection with the Divine

Optimize Frequencies of the Light

  • Unconditional Love and Compassion
  • Truth, Trust and Faith
  • Healing and Wisdom
  • Abundance and Prosperity
  • Forgiveness
  • Flow, Oneness and Light

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