"Before the session began, I was a bit nervous because I had never experienced Cranial Sacral Therapy. I let Madeleine know about my nervousness and she gently explained to me this body of work and how it benefits the body, mind and spirit.

Let me begin by saying that I am very sensitive to energy. As soon as Madeleine began working on me I felt waves of heat coursing through my body. Simultaneously, I felt the energy of the room shift, and I felt as though I was being surrounded by Beings of Light. Although Madeleine was working on my feet at one point, it felt as though there was a presence holding my head as I felt a lot of heat in this area. As Madeleine continued working on me, moving up my spinal column, I could feel my entire being relax into a deep state of peace and gratitude. By the time she reached my head, I was deeply asleep in a meditative state. When I awoke or came back to consciousness, I felt as though a burden of grief and sadness had been lifted off of me, and replaced with peace.

I am so glad I had a session with Madeleine, she is truly gifted."

- Juan Manual Ramirez

"I have gone to Madeleine Harmath many times for healing and Chakra cleanses. She is amazing, and I highly refer her to everyone! I was going through a very tough time in my life, and needed to clear out some negative energy that was affecting my confidence. After my session, I not only felt a HUGE relief, but I found an entirely new perspective on life! This was one of the most incredible shifts I had ever received.

Another time, I had some pretty severe baggage that needed to be healed so I could move forward and thwart some of the anger I had been bottling up inside. Madeleine came to my house and spent 3 hours of her time healing each and every one of my very painful experiences I'd had controlling my relations with family. Since then, it has been easier for me to set healthy boundaries between myself and others. And although I still have some anger issues that I am working on, I am way ahead in my learning due to excellent expertise in this area. I recommend her to all; you must experience her for yourself."

- Tracy Devincenzi

"Madeleine took my Reiki experience to a totally new level. I was actually concerned to leave my regular Reiki practitioner when I first moved to East Bay, but trusted the universe would guide me to the right person. Madeleine has been such a great influence in my spiritual life, and I feel blessed to receive her amazing sessions and teachings. Her energy, knowledge and connection to the divine are very inspiring."

- Patricia Pena

"I've experienced Reiki, Cranial Sacral, and other light forms of healing work, and sometimes they can guide me back into alignment. Being an energy worker myself, and coming from a power form, I tend to need more of the "deep tissue" form of healing. Madeleine is capable of breaking through my [unwanted] resistance and evoke real change. She is exceptional at determining what level of power is needed without harmful effects. If you are looking for a true breakthrough in your healing, using earth-based energy, this is the person to see."

- Brian Rainie, Intuitive Methodologies.

"I have worked with Madeleine Harmath many times. Her work is absolutely amazing! She is adept at working with the Violet Flame and other forms of energy movement and healing. I love the fact that she is well-grounded and can feel what is going on with my body, where I have stuck energy and move it. Nothing daunts her. She just gets to the underlying cause and shifts it. Equally important to me: she has a GREAT sense of humor. I enjoy every minute I have with her!!!"

- Ashely Warrenton-Smith, Dancing with Source