Madeleine Harmath

Saving Grace Healing Services provides remote Reiki healing services worldwide.

Heal Your "Topic of Choice" with the Expansive Energy Healing Guided Meditation

Self Healing

Sundays 11am-12pm

Each week I will guide you through the Expansive Energy Meditation to help you Heal Your "Topic of Choice" within every aspect of yourself across all time and space.

This Meditation is extremely Powerful and it will help you neutralize, transmute, release, and heal your emotional/physical pain as well as all blocks that prevent you from creating and living your dream life.

Expansive Energy Meditation is and Advanced Form of Healing

Meditation is used for many things. Stress reduction, gaining clarity, general introspection are all wonderful benefits from an ongoing practice. But often, there is something missing.

Advanced forms of meditation are used to Empower and heal you. This is where you can solidify the links between your conscious mind and your intuition, spirituality, and even your innate abilities to heal.

Your experience of this process will be much like a guided meditation, something you will find easy and familiar. What's different is how it energizes all of your energy centers, integrating in the ethereal body, and connecting to your physical self. And this is where you will find yourself stepping into every aspect of your being across all time and space.


  1. We will being with a quick description of the meditation and how it will help you heal across all time and space.
  2. Heal the Topic of Your Choice using the Expansive Energy Mediation I will begin with connecting everyone to Earth and Spirit, followed by the Expansive Energy Meditation.
  3. Q&A

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