Madeleine Harmath

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A Spiritual Tour of Muir Woods:
"An Enchanted Forest"

Muir Woods

Join me on a spiritual Tour of Muir Woods, "An Enchanted Forest"!

An experience of a lifetime.

Explore different realms, reconnect with Mother Earth and discover the Divine Power this forest has to offer.

For those of you who are close to the elementals: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, you will now be able to communicate and collaborate with all of the elementals within the forest, in ways you have never been able to do before.

Come and speak to the trees individually or have a profound discussion with an ancient tree council. Discover an entire section of Muir Woods that belongs to the Fairy realm, which is extremely delightful.

Another aspect of the forest are the portals, gateways and tunnels of light within the forest. An extremely profound experience which gives you the opportunity to dramatically accelerate your enlightenment, manifest your desires, and heal.

A truly unique experience.

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