Madeleine Harmath

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Staff Meeting with Spirit Guides, Meditation, Spiritual Lessons Learned, and Q&A

Healing Support

I am providing a 1 hour space to Meditate, discuss Lessons Learned, and provide a few min for Q&A regarding Spiritual questions.


  1. 15 min guided Meditation to connect you to Earth and Spirit which you will continue for another 15-20 min on your own.
    Recommendations while meditating:
    • Ask Spirit/Archangels/Ascended Masters for help for the current day and week. They REALLY want to know how they can help you achieve your goals and dreams.
    • Receive guidance from the Spirit/Archangels/Ascended Masters
    • ***Bring your journal so you can keep track of your requests and the messages you receive from your Spiritual team.
  2. Lessons Learned
    • I will be providing my Lessons learned for the week and I will be asking others to volunteer their lessons learned so we can learn from each other.
  3. Q&A
    • I will be happy to answer any spiritual type questions from the group.

This will be an on-going weekly meeting. Every Sunday morning at 10am
Please be on-time, doors will close at 10:10am and we will end at 10:55am.

$10/person at the door.

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