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Energetic Clearing of the Areas Where You Work, Live and Play

Ever walk into a space and feel immediately depressed as if the space itself is infused with the heaviness of the weight of the world. This is a space filled with negative energy.

In every moment of our lives, we each project the level of positive or negative energy that we are feeling, into our surroundings. Therefore if we are feeling negative, or the people around us are negative, then it is that energy that is infused into our surroundings, whether it be home, office, or car. As most of us spend a majority of our time in these environments, this negativity can impede our healing process and keep us from shifting into the light.

It is just as important to energetically clean your environment regularly, as it is to physically clean your environment regularly.

This service includes a complete release of all negative energy from the environment, including:

  • Disincarnate spirits (ghosts), Entities
  • Anger, fear, stress, violence
  • Worry, sadness, frustration
  • Miscommunication, expectation
  • Scarcity, loneliness, struggle
  • Disharmony, resentment
  • Dark Portals, Gateways, Vortexes
  • Dark Matter, Grey Matter


Replacing it with the most light filled alternatives, including:

  • Love, Faith, Peace
  • Purity, Hope, Harmony
  • Clarity, Centeredness
  • Honesty, Integrity
  • Tolerance, Clear communication
  • Health, Wealth, Sovereignty
  • Living Heaven here on Earth
  • Full connection with the Divine


In-person and remote healing options available

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