FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is energy healing?

Energy Healing is the release and transmutation of negativity into light.

This negativity is also sometime referred to as "emotional triggers" or "emotional baggage" that we accumulate over a single or often multiple lifetimes and is stored in the various chakras, sub chakras and subtle energy bodies (which includes our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies) that comprise our energetic field.

This emotional baggage could have been acquired through instances of severe trauma (physical or emotional), dis-empowering beliefs and rules, Family Bloodline issues, and negative karma, just to name a few. As the negativity escalates within our energetic field it often can translate into emotional and physical distress, pain and illness.

As a Master Energy Healer, I invoke the presence of the Archangelic Realm, Ascended Master Realm, as well as all High Beings of Light to facilitate a healing through me, using the Violet Flame (The energy of Unconditional Love, the most powerful energy in the Universe). This healing is facilitated for each emotional topic. As the many layers of our negativity are healed, profound shifts begin to occur in our lives as we begin to step into the Power of our Divine Self.

How spiritual healing works

As negativity builds up through the various aspects of our energetic field, blockages and imbalances form and the flow of Divine light is impaired. This translates into loss of connection with the Earth and with the Divine thus making it even more difficult to heal. If the negativity is not transmuted then physical manifestations of this negativity can occur in the form of pain and illness, lost opportunities, accidents, and emotional outbursts, just to name a few. The reality that we create for ourselves is a direct translation to the positive and negative energies that we carry within ourselves. Shift your energy and you shift your world.

As an example, the physical pain we sometimes feel in our lower back can be due to issues regarding finances, which directly translates into the safety and security of our life and possibly the lives of our family. The more we worry and stress the more pain we will feel. If we are unable to heal whatever is blocking us from resolving these financial issues, the worse the pain becomes, to the point where the spine may begin to deteriorate and surgery is required.

It is very important to pay attention to the signs that our Body, Divine Mind and Spirit are trying so hard to convey to us. We also must be willing to find a quiet space to stop and hear the message, so that we can understand how to move forward and heal it. One way to receive this message is through meditation; another, is to look for outside help from an Energy healer who can intuitively diagnose the topic that requires healing and then, if you wish, to work with you to heal it. As with anything, the more you practice these methods the easier and faster it will become to heal all

It is also important to continuously clear all daily negativity so that it does not build up over time. One of the most effective methods is a combination of grounding and self-reiki. Once in the morning to start the day off with a sense of well-being and confidence, and once again before bedtime to clear out all of the stress and negativity that might have been acquired throughout the day. The clearer your field becomes the less likely you are to allow others to trigger you or take on the stress of everyday life.

Consequently, the more light you flow through your energetic field the more positive, happy, healthy, joyous and abundant your life will become.