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Kimberly Barger

Madeleine is the real deal. I was very skeptical at first, and almost didn’t make that call. Today, I would be lost if I hadn’t. Madeleine has helped our family so many times, from the first cleanse to our ghost filled home, to my youngest daughters first heartbreak, her friends father passing and needed help to the other side, to my deepest losses, most recent the loss of our precious dog, Pudgy. Madeleine has come through for myself and my entire family. When we are in need, without fail Madeleine is there for us. Give her a chance with you, like myself, you will not be disappointed. We have come to love Madeleine and count upon her for all of our unfortunate traumas. Thank you Madeleine with all our hearts. I honestly don’t know what we would do without you.
Kimberly Barger and Family

Mika Tazukuri

I love Madeleine’s healing service. I have tried different spiritual healers but she is the best. She is a real! While her session, when I shifted my vibration, she could feel my vibration right away. It was amazing experience. She truly cares about what I need and she went above and beyond to make sure I was feeling better. She is very professional, friendly, energetic and funny. She can answer any my question and now she is my mentor. She comes highly recommended and anyone would be happy to have her service.

kaela hwang

Madeleine is an amazing healer! Anyone who wants to level up in their spiritual journey should have a talk with Madeleine. I tried out few of her global healing meditations and finally did the Muir Woods Tour which was fantastic!

Maggie Yip

Tour of Muir Woods, an Enchanted Forest
What a beautiful and interesting day it was! I am a newbie (that's putting it mildly) in intuitive work, and even I can feel different energies as Madeleine walked us through the forest because she made it so I can feel it (I'm a newbie without a spiritual dictionary... I apologize for not using the correct lexicon!). It was... Magical and enlightening. Madeleine is truly GIFTED and very patient in helping me get grounded when I experienced what I'll just call an "emotional surge" during our visit. This forest is truly enchanted, if you're open to it energetically, and accompanied by a Master in energy/spiritual work, to say the least!

Sonal Mukhi

Madeleine is a warm and engaging spiritual healer. I've taken Reiki I, II and III classes from her and have received healings as well as given healings. Her teaching style and approach to teaching and empowering her students are truly outstanding. I walk away with more tools, and more importantly, I know that she's a person that can be trusted. She's willing to lend her heart and pours her soul into her work and her students. I can see why I keep on coming back to her classes. If you're looking for an exceptional, gifted, warm, intuitive as well as practical energy healer, go to Madeleine.

Colleen McGuinness

Such a great experience and really fun hike. Madeleine is a wealth of information and insight and just glows from the moment you meet her. She tailors the hike to all experience levels spiritually and physically. She is funny and compassionate and mind boggling intuitive.

Renee Chua

I met Madeleine on the Muir Woods experience, which was magical. To start with, Muir Woods is a great place to go. So much to experience within the forest that feels you have been transported like Endor. As a Master Spiritual Healer, she is an amazing guide to help people open themselves to what is possible. She is light hearted and fun making the walk through the trees such a pleasant experience. I journeyed to Mendocino with her to align with Divine Flow. She chose such a great location as the vibe was just right and the town is just as cozy. I stayed at the MacCallum Inn, which she had chosen and you could stay there or any where else close to participate in the weekend plans. Definitely a great choice. The gardens were full of fresh blooming flowers and charm out the wazzu! I normally worry on a trip about being able to find the right kind of foods I want to eat in a group setting and there was no need to on this trip. Madeleine took everyone’s needs into account and democratically allowed everyone in the group to chime in as it suited them for meals. That said, she has impeccable taste and we dined at a variety of amazing local restaurants along the way.
As a spiritual healer, she is great at holding space during the mediation process and during our time together. Currently she hold a free online group healing mediation which is a great community service for the earth dwellers. And that, is just the tip of the iceberg...
I have also completed her Reiki 1 class, which far exceeded expectations. She overdelivered around every corners making the class suit the needs of that group. There are no cookie cutter moments or prerecorded stuff. She provided printables or electronic format documents as well as class recordings so those in class could revisit the lessons and complete homework. My teenagers were laughing at me when I gleefully told them I just received my new class work. All the work was so exciting for me that I was always ready to jump in and tackle it. I am looking forward to Reiki 2 class Madeleine is a blessing

Robert Bain

Madeleine is a caring compassionate healer who is ready to help you walk your spiritual journey from decades and lifetimes of spiritual and emotional trauma to a place of well being and enlightenment.

John Sigmon

Saving Grace Healing is a great place to receive a healing as well as learn the healing practice itself. I have taken many classes and had several healings from Madeleine. Highly recommended for all your spiritual needs.

Brian Rainie

Seldom can you find someone who easily bridges the gap between every day reality and energy/healing work. Most are way too "out there", while Madeleine makes it easy to learn, fun to experience, and profound in a life-changing way. At last - metaphysics for real people!

Kathy Mayeda

I have studied various spiritual and physical healing modalities over the years. I felt the Timeless Reiki Levels 1,2,3 classes was the icing on the cake. I had profound healing and aha moments doing the processes. I am a more lighter and clearer being now, and have tools to keep clearing!

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