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About Madeleine S. Harmath

What happens when a solid, grounded Software QA Engineering Manager with strategic problem-solving skills has a spiritual experience of a past life contact beckoning her to “WAKE-UP?

You got it. She becomes an Advanced Spiritual Teacher and Healer.

Madeleine hopped on the express train becoming obsessed with all the goodies in the spiritual candy store. She received certification as an Advanced Spiritual Healer from the Dancing with Source Mystery School, a MotoKi Level II healer, as well as a Reiki Level I, II and II Healer and Teacher.

Madeleine became aware that it was time for her to reestablish herself as a healer, to reconnect with the wonders of the spiritual journey, to delight in the fascinating self-sustaining power of being part of the spiritual realm. She blossomed when she connected to the Divine wisdom of the Archangelic and Ascended Master realms, allowing her to teach others self-help tools so that they can delight in the wonder and skills available to humans while they are being awakened back into their wholeness.

Madeleine’s greatest delight is to help others help themselves. There is nothing more fulfilling than to empower each person with the knowledge and tools to help them let go of their emotional and physical pain and replace it with a happy, joyous, abundant and loving life.

For those that are struggling to being their spiritual journey due to severe emotional issues and challenges or for those that are on their journey and come up against emotional blocks that prevents them from moving forward, Madeleine, in these instances, uses her very advanced healing techniques to remove those emotional issues, challenges and blocks so that you may continue on your journey of attaining a happy, health, abundant, and spiritual life.

In her classes there is a noticeable air of excitement arising from her ability to embed the joy and delight in communicating with the spiritual realm, as she encourages, supports and coaxes others to explore their spiritual gifts and to trust their intuition. She is a much loved and appreciated teacher.

In her classes she becomes a fearless, passionate, joy obsessed warrior of her version of Spiritual Disneyland. She lights up with a vibrant, joyous, heavenly passion which infuses the room with the air of confident, “let me show you how to be a fearless powerful spirit” and walk through your life easily, having the fun of a young child again.

It is like going on a journey to another world – one which will welcome you with twinkling wonder revealing the treasures of the metaphysical world. She opens the door to a new lifestyle – one of letting others share her method of calling on Spirit masters to help you solve any problem and enjoy a truly close bound with the Spiritual realm.